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“Don’t Be Basic!”- How to Tweet; Lessons from a 12 Year Old Expert!

I have just been to a seminar about this very thing and was thinking about asking my 14 yo for help. Now I don’t have to. I may come to love twitter, stranger things have happened after all, but after reading this, I see it may take a while.

prayer & practice

Apparently, if you’re running a business or just trying to get a thing done, mastering a form of social media is really important. They help provide information, resources, support, encouragement, community etc.

Currently I’m working on mastering tweeter so I decided to get the best, most competent tweeter-er I know to help me…my 12 year old daughter!

Here’s how it went!

Me:        Tweeter…I just don’t get it

Her:       Eye roll!

Me:        Show me how to tweeter

Her:       It’s not show me how to tweeter mommy, its tweet, show me how to tweet

Her:       Well your phone is different from mine

Her:       Did you update tweeter, you have to update it.

Her:       OMG!

Her:       Ask me a specific question

Me:        How do you participate in a tweeterthon?

Her:       Like a tweetspree?

Me:        What’s with the hashtags?!

Her:       Hashtags make it easier to see all of the tweets…

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