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Slow, stop.

This morning I found myself praying for help to move forward and achieve things today with God’s help. All quite harmless really. But that still small voice that speaks so softly I sometimes miss it, asked me why I wanted to move forward. Why I felt the need to move forward all the time.

I saw this in time to show it to my husband for father’s day, which happens here in Australia on Sept 6. Please watch.

Today, after a very active Sunday, which even included one of my twice-yearly gardening attacks, I am washed out, tired and slightly fuzzy-headed. Possibly cooking the same bug that’s been circulating through the school community. Or possibly nursing Mondayitis. My son is home too. Subdued and slow. We are ambling through this quiet day together.

There are times when all we need is not to achieve or finish or start, but simply take a break and slow down enough to hear those same words from our Father: I’m here and I love you.

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